EOT TOkens

Used in the encryption of things

BitVault® uses EOT Coins

The world’s first blockchain phone will use EOT coins for secure messaging, secure calling, securely storing your photos and videos in the Media Vault  and in the BitVault application store. Even for secure cryptocurrency trading, this can be incredibly helpful. The security standard is quite similar to the immediate edge, which is a legitimate auto trading platform for cryptocurrecny trading. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/immediate-edge/ for more details.


The Encryption of Things

Secure your internet of things application along with your big data using the EOT coin to securely communicate critical data evolving to the encryption of things. Just like EOT, the bitcoin cryptocurrency is also well known for secure transactions. So cryptocurrency trading is considered a reliable way to make a good profit. For more details, go to: https://coincierge.de/news-spy/ and simplify your trading with a credible app.


Smart Router Website Authentication

Safe internet browsing is enabled through a blockchain website authentication system using EOT Coins and a unique website filtering and blocking algorithm


Secure encrypted Document storage

Encrypt your documents, software applications, videos and personal information on your pc so only you can access it through the use of the EOT coin.